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Mr. Thimmaraju Viswapathi RamaKrishna Murthy, is more popularly known by his pen name ‘VISWAPATHI’. His father Sri Thimmaraju Lakshmi Narasimha Rao and mother Smt.Thimmaraju Nagaratnamba were ardent devotees of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy. With basic schooling in West Godavari Dist. Of Andhra Pradesh. Mr.Viswapathi did his B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from University college of engineering, Osmania University in 1978 and then worked for a couple of years in industry before doing his M.Tech. degree in 1983 from Regional Engineering College, Warangal. He was with M/S Allwyn till 1988 and then joined M.V.S.R.Engineering College, shifting to teaching profession. Mr. Viswapathi is also a cartoonist and has drawn a front page cartoon column for Indian Express for about nine years as a hobby. His cartoons were published in various magazines and were also exhibited in International Comic Strip festival held in Switzerland in 1987.

Mr.Murthy has keen interest in Vedic sciences. He has done extensive research work on the application of Vedic astrological principles to various aspects of business organizations. What he once started as a hobby has become his full time assignment later. He has resigned his teaching job in 1998. Shri Designs-a Vedic business consultancy firm started by him in 1993 got into international fame soon. Mr.Viswapathi has so far selected names and designed logos for more than 4000 organisations across the world based on his vedic logo design system. All these organisations are running successfully and are spread across continents.

Every day many individuals as well as business organizations across the world consult him and seek his advice. Many industries have turned the corner with his advice. Mr.Viswapathi attributes all his success to the great heritage of our Vedas and invaluable Vedic astrological principles. He firmly believes that, with guidance from Vedic astrology, every individual can live happily and any business organization can run very successfully.

Mr.Viswapathi’s logo design system is very unique and effective. He incorporates most favourable patterns required for the promoters into the logo. The colour scheme is also specifically chosen after studying the birth particulars of the promoters. By using a logo thus designed any organization can be helped to run successfully.Many loss making industries have turned the corner and started making profits after after replacing old logo with the logo designed by him.many companies have grown up from Rs.10 lakhs turnover to Rs.100 cr. turnover in a short time by adopting his brand names for their products and adopting his logos.

Mr.murthy has written ten books on LORD SRI VENKATESWARA. All these have become very popular with the devotees and are being distributed freely.

Mr.murthy can be contacted on viswapathi@yahoo.com & vediclogos@yahoo.com or by ph.on +919849443752

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