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Lord Sri Venkateswara,the presiding deity of Venkatadri is most powerful God in the world. He is none other than lord Srimannarayana Himself who descended on this earth to redeem us all from the miseries of Kaliyug. Mr.T.V.R.K.Murthy more popularly known by his pen name ‘viswapathi’ has written ten books on Lord Srinivasa.All these have become very popular and are being distributed free to Lord’s devotees.Mr.Murthy is an M.Tech.from R.E.C.,Warangal.He is engaged in selecting company names,designing logos by applying Vedic Principles and so far designed logos for more than 4000 companies across the world.This website is created to enable devotees to have wider access to the books. Watch it regularly as we plan to translate these books into other Languages and put them on this site.mr.murthy is currently writing two more books.
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