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Mr.TVRK Murthy more popularly known as Viswapathi , is basically an M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from REC, Warangal , wrote 28 devotional books of which 18 are on Lord Sri Venkateswara alone. All these books are being distributed free to devotees. Mr.Viswapathi wrote his first book Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam, in 2002. Sri Venkateswara vrata kalpam written by him in 2005 has become very popular with the devotees and is now translated in to 12 languages including French and Italian. Millions of people including Europeans and Chinese read it every Saturday. Mr. Viswapathi publishes about 10,000 copies of these books every six months and distributes them free.
Anyone interested can freely download the books from this website. Kindly note that these books are not for sale anywhere. You can download any number of copies. But kindly do not sell them.
May Lord Srinivasa Bless us all !

Dear loved ones, all my books are absolutely free... they are not available for sale anywhere...we are continuously printing all these books and distributing to devotees...kindly send your address clearly with pin code and phone number to viswapathi@gmail.com ... you need not pay for courier or postal services...you will receive faster if you can give any nearest town where courier service is available...

May Lord Srinivasa bless all of you







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