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Mr.TVRK Murthy more popularly known as Viswapathi , is basically an M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from REC, Warangal , wrote 25 devotional books of which 15 are on Lord Sri Venkateswara alone. All these books are being distributed free to devotees. Mr.Viswapathi wrote his first book Sri Srinivasa mahatmyam, in 2002. Sri Venkateswara vrata kalpam written by him in 2005 has become very popular with the devotees and is now translated in to 12 languages including French and Italian. Millions of people including Europeans and Chinese read it every Saturday. Mr.Viswapathi publishes about 10,000 copies of these books and distributes them free. Several eminent spiritual leaders and seers read his books regularly. A copy of Sri Venkateswara vrata kalpam is kept in British Library, London in 2013. It is for the first time that twelve telugu books on Lord Sri Venkateswara of an individual author are being kept in permanent collections of Widener Library of Harvard University.

Twelve books on Lord Sri Venkateswara in Telugu written by T.V.R.K.Murthy (Viswapathi ) are added to the collections of prestigious Widener Library of Harvard University. The Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library is Harvard University's flagship library. Built with a gift from Eleanor Elkins Widener, it is a memorial to her son, Harry, Class of 1907, an enthusiastic young bibliophile who perished aboard the Titanic. Widener holds one of the world's most comprehensive research collections in the humanities and social sciences.

In fact Mr. Viswapathi ‘s books are kept in most prestigious libraries of the world like Harvard, Stanford , Cornell , Columbia etc. in USA, Oxford and Cambridge in UK, University of Zurich, Switzerland , Royal Danish Library, Denmark, University of Heidelberg, Germany etc. Mr. Viswapathi’s books are used in teaching by several prominent professors in many Universities across the world. Mr.Viswapathi is also a prominent cartoonist and logo designer. He has cartoons in Indian Express from 1984-90. His recent cartoon collection book Sincerely Yours was appreciated by several intellectuals including Sri Hamid Ansari, former Vice-President of India. Incidentally it is also added to Harvard library. Mr.Viswapathi worked in Allwyn from 1984-88 and then in MVSR Engineering college, Hyderabad from 1988-98. In 1993 he started selecting company names and designing logos for business organizations based on Vedic principles. It became his full time profession in 1998.Since then Mr. Viswapathi designed logos for more than 6,000 organisations worldwide.

Sri Venkteswara darsanam, Sri Venkateswara Vrata kalpam, Sri Venkateswara darsanam, Sri Venkteswara vaibhavam, Sarvaroopa Srinivasam, Amrutha Sopanam, Sri Padmvathi parinayam, Sri Venkatadri Vaibhavam, Sri Mahalakshmi Mahatmyam, Govindapadham and Bhaje Srinivasam are the Telugu books books which are now kept in the prestigious Harvard library.

Mr. Viswapathi’s recent book Met Again, is receiving international acclaim. Many described it as a book that changes the way we look at life .It deals with a soul’s travel over several births and human relationship with Cosmos. It helps you to understand the several complexities of life and makes you confident to understand your emotions. In Met Again Viswapathi shares with humility and simplicity the enlightenment he experienced a few years ago, whereby he saw 108 people he had encountered in an earlier incarnation at the Himalayan Divya Ashram. He reveals how he has met and recognized them today, in their present birth. The book reads like a tapestry of stories weaving together the lives of human beings of both gender, of all creeds and races, and from all realms, as well as animals and trees --all inter-connected by the power of the Divya Shakti, the Supreme Force.

Mrs. Agnes, a reputed Yoga Teacher from France says ‘ Met Again has answered many of the questions I had about life after life. In Met Again Mr.Viswapathi explains the mysteries of karma and souls’ travels with simple and inspiring words and that makes the reading very interesting and inspiring.

Mr. Viswapathi gets hundreds of letters ,telephonic and e-mail requests daily for his books from around the world. the books are being sent freely to anyone interested in reading them. Mr.Viswapathi’s books are simple to read and one does not require to undertake any strict rituals. Any one can freely download his books from .Devotees can also contact Mr.Viswapathi on E-Mail at or on Ph. 9849443752 for copies of his books.